Moonwatch and Stargazing

Our Moonwatch and Stargazing events are based at the Battlesteads Observatory.  You can see the dates we're leading them on our website calendar or you can look at the observatory calendar for all available dates led by the Astroventures team.  If you'd like a bespoke stargazing/astronomy event please contact us on 01670 827465 for details of what we can do for you.

Visit Battlesteads Observatory and enjoy an introduction to our closest companion in space - the moon. The moon has been the subject of study by astronomers, artists and poets since humans first gazed up into the sky thousands of years ago.

Moonwatch evenings are specifically aimed at showcasing the moon using our powerful telescopes, although we also do some stargazing too. Our expert team will explain some of the key features of the moon to look for and give you pointers on how to use binoculars to discover hidden lunar gems.  You'll learn how to spot:

  • The highlands and seas,
  • Wrinkle ridges and lunar Rilles,
  • Craters and volcanoes
  • Apollo lunar landing sites.
  • and weather permitting you'll be able to take pictures of the moon through our telescopes with your smartphone - to share on social media with friends and family!

We'll also try to stargaze as much as possible, seeking out double stars, clusters, planets, galaxies and nebulae   During the winter months the observatory warm room is kept cosy and with hot drinks available; this simply is the best and most comfortable way to be introduced to the dark starry skies of Northumberland.

As of yet, we're unable to control the weather, so observing the skies can only go ahead if it's clear but you'll be pleased to know that all events go ahead in any weather conditions.