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What our clients say...

A selection of testimonials from 2008 onwards. Please refresh the page to see more.

Druridge Bay 20/12/2008

A fantastic day - despite the cold weather - from beginning to end we were enthralled, educated and entertained.  Martin really looked after us well - provided all the equipment to enable us to see beautiful creatures in great detail - and we even got an astronomy lesson! Lunch was provided and was tasty - we had a very full day from 9.30am to 6pm - only coming back then because increasingly high winds made it difficult to find any owls! There were so many highlights to this day that it would be impossible to name them all. Looking forward to the next time!!!

Otter Safari 14/09/16

What a wonderful day I had with Martin.

The plan was to look for otters….. But we got so much more!!  I class myself as of low intermediate level when it comes to wildlife and, now that I am approaching retirement, wish to push my knowledge boundaries.

Martin exceeded my expectations and pointed out so many bird species, to which he enthusiastically added the ” back story”. In an unhurried manner he kept the group moving so that we covered 5 different locations in our quest.

Persistent to the end, Martin’s tenacity and experience paid off… We finally saw our otter on the Wansbeck!!

A great day out and I’d have no hesitation recommending Martin to both beginners and experts.

I’ll be back!!!

Lindisfarne Safari 19/02/16

A terrific day enjoyed by all of us with many highlights especially watching the kestrel at close range from above, hovering and hunting along the cliffs. Martin is the star of the show though, his knowledge of all things wildlife worn lightly and only rivalled by his knowledge of 1980′s Hull City.

Otter Safari 04/06/2015

Had a fantastic time thanks martin! Seeing the owl was an incredible experience! And a lovely place to eat to tea too!

Bespoke Lindisfarne Safari 25/02/16

We had a wonderful day out with Martin, the weather was the best that Northumberland has to offer at this time of year, lots of blue in the sky providing the perfect backdrop to the lovely views in every direction on Lindisfarne. Without Martin's expert eye guiding us we would have missed a lot of the wonderful wildlife that was at times almost under our nose but beautifully camouflaged. Although I have been to Lindisfarne a number of times Martin showed us areas and viewing points that we hadn't seen before and was quickly able to spot the many different birds and wildlife that were also enjoying the day. As well as seeing lots of different varieties of birds, Roe deer were spotted with aid of the telescope that Martin brought along and seals were seen basking on the sandbars beside the island. 

Martin provided the perfect picnic for wildlife watching, the soup and sandwiches went down very well while we watched the tide bring the birds closer to us. It was wonderful to be able to just focus on the wildlife for the day and not have to worry about driving or where we were going as all that was taken care of. Martin showed us some wonderful places to see some of Northumberlands wildlife and patiently answered our questions when we needed help identifying the many different birds. The day was a real treat for us and once again we learned so much from Martin about the creatures we saw and where to see them. A memorable experience that I would highly reccomend to anyone who loves the area or loves wildlife. 

We would certainly like to do more trips in the future with Martin's expert guidance and knowledge.

Farne Islands Photography Workshop 20/07/2014

Dad asked me to pass on his thanks for a wonderful day, he had a fantastic time and was over the moon with the pictures he took. He’d never tried to capture birds in flight but was really encouraged by your advice and managed to get some fantastic shots. He would recommend your excursions to anyone – this was his second trip and I’m sure he will soon be booking more. You really do a fantastic job Martin and go the extra mile to ensure that your customers have a fantastic experience.

Lindisfarne 12/08/2013

We had a magical day! All of us enjoyed ourselves immensely. Althogh we had planned to visit both priory and castle as well as look at the wildlife, there was so much wildlife to see (or rather: Martin showed us so much) that we only managed to visit the priory. The more reason to come back. The trip was just perfect!

Otter mini-Safari 15/05/2014

Thanks for a great evening! We were very impressed that you managed to find the otter. We wouldn’t have been able to find it ourselves (if we would have known where to go to find them in the first place….)

Bespoke Otter Safari 26/10/16


Thank you for such a memorable day. We learned a lot, enjoyed your company and loved spending quality time in such a beautiful part of the country. Whilst seeing the Otter was a treat, the whole day was very special.

Farne Islands 26/05/2015

We had a great day out with Martin, but the highlight was certainly the trip to the Farne Islands. The boat got us really close to the cliffs and you could see and smell the birds! Landing on one island let us see and be attacked by the Artic Terns (apart from Hannah, who remained untouched!). The female Eider ducks were so well camouflaged that you had to look really carefully to see them. Everybody’s favourite were the Puffins, which came in and out of their burrows. Hannah overcame her fear of boats and Ben took lots of great photos with guidance from Martin.

Lovely to have the day arranged and someone so knowledgeable as Martin to tell us what we were looking at – a highlight of our holiday.

Farne Islands Bespoke Photography 31/05/2014

I speak for all three of us in saying that the 29th was one of the most fabulous days we have had in a very long time. Just everything was so great – the weather, the sea, the birds and the seals and .. our tutor / host for the day. Your tuition on the island’s birds and their behaviour allowed us all to get the pictures we wanted of puffins on the wing, the interaction between puffin and gulls and the terns and their aggressive behaviour. Many, many thanks. I have been able to sort out a few of my photos and I attach a couple for the blog / whatever – I am really pleased with the gull one and the terns on the wing. I have no doubt that all future visits to the Farne’s (and other similar sites) will benefit from our day with you.

Cheviot Valleys Prestige 19/05/2015

We would like to thank Martin once again for a really great day and add some of the other highlights of the 57 varieties we saw that day; such as spotted flycatcher, nuthatch, yellowhammer, goldeneye, goosander and also the song thrush on the nest to name just a few. We are looking forward to our next trip.