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A selection of testimonials from 2008 onwards. Please refresh the page to see more.

Otter Safari 07/02/17

Martin, we had a fantastic and very successful day with you, especially our otter (Dratsie) encounter, thanks very much.


The Friday night and Saturday whole day pelagic trips are fantastic. Over the past two years I have been on approx seven pelagics and all of them have been wonderful.  The Friday evening trips are a brilliant way to wind-down after a busy week at work and the Saturday trips are an equally brilliant way to spend a day on the water.  There is a hidden world of birdlife just off the north east coast and these trips let you see gannets dive just next to the boat, fulmars soar and gulls argue and bicker with each other as well as there being a heap of other bird species that I'm just starting to recognise.  I can't recommend the trips enough and (being fairly new to this bird watching business) I always learn something new as everyone the boat is friendly and happy to help a learner!  Finally, if the bird life isn't enough there is always the chance to happen across a whale or a dolphin - you just have to be there.

Farne Islands 30/06/16

Having moved to the North East 26 years ago,also being an RSPB member,had planned to visit the Farne Islands but never got round to it.

The day arranged by Northern Experience Wildlife Tours and Martin at NEWT was superb and did surpass my own and colleagues expectations. What a great day out.

Was a great way of celebrating our colleague & friend Martin’s retirement after an amazing 50 years service with United/Arriva.

Thank you once again,already planning to make the trip again next year with some friends who also are keen birders but have not been to the Farnes.

Farne Deeps pelagic 25/07/2012

This was our first time on a trip such as this and so we really didn't know what we would get to see. Much to our extreme delight we were honoured to be in the company of 50+ White Beaked dolphins who were very inquisitive and came right up to the boat swimming along side us. The experience was breathtaking and the memory will be a cherish one. On the way back we had a further treat with a sighting of two Minke whales which was a truly magical ending to our day as the sun set in front of us. The team were great, sharing their knowledge of sea birds with us along the way. Martin and Alan have a wealth of experience and so much respect for these beautiful creatures. Their passion for wildlife made our experience so much more special. I would recommend this tour to anyone including novice like us. What a fantastic introduction into the world of whale and dolphin watching. Thank you.  

Whale and Dolphin Cruise 08/09/2012

We really enjoyed the opportunity to see Minke Whales off 'our coast'. We'll be booking again. Thank you

North Pennines/Otter Safari 13-14/04/2010

The two days were organised by hubby as my 40th birthday present and what a present!  We spent two fantastic days where we saw a great variety of bird and wildlife and learned both about what we saw and some of the history of Northumberland. Martin is a wonderful guide - extremely knowledgable, engaging, patient and with a wicked sense of humour...when we weren't sitting quietly, we were laughing. Picnics were fab too! We'll be back.

Druridge Bay mini-Safari 01/10/2013

Had a great day on the 1st, the time flew by. Seeing birds and wildlife anywhere is a treat, but having a knowledgable guide who knows his stuff and where to look was fantastic. Shame I only heard the Brambling and the elusive Corncrake but I've been swotting up on them since. I've been boring anyone who will listen with "saw some of them in Northumberland" everytime a flock of waders pops up on a TV show. And then (to me) an almost mythical Bittern! What a finale with the Starlings. Great time thank you very much. Full day next time. I'll shut up now.

Otter mini-Safari 15/05/2014

Thanks for a great evening! We were very impressed that you managed to find the otter. We wouldn’t have been able to find it ourselves (if we would have known where to go to find them in the first place….)

Discover Stargazing 21/10/2014

We had a very atmospheric and informative experience on the Druridge Bay star gazing trip. Meeting at dusk, as the light faded and the sounds of the nearby roosting geese filled the air, we waited as one by one the stars appeared. We were amazed by the sheer number of visible stars, constellations and satellites that were visible on such a clear night. Martin guided us through the names and formations of the constellations that we saw and we had a very clear view of the Milky Way. It was a very peaceful evening of learning that both children and adults enjoyed and we would definitely do it again. Wrap up warm.

Kielder Prestige Tour 17/04/2010

This was a truly wonderful day which was a 70th birthday present for Victor from our son. The door to door service and included lunch was much appreciated as was Martin's extensive knowledge. The icing on the cake was the sighting of the White Stork on our return journey. This tour has made us keen to visit Kielder again for a longer visit. Many Thanks.

Bespoke Mammal Safari 03/02/17

Thanks Martin for a lovely day out and arranging such spectacular weather. It was amazing to get my first glimpse of otters in the wild.

Otter Safari 21/04/17

After 2 very successful trips, our expectations for this one were high and were once again exceeded. This was probably my favourite trip of the week, and not all due to the obliging appearance of the elusive otter! The little owls made surprisingly good subjects for my new camera lens as did the great crested grebe pairs who added a touch of elegance to the rain that evening. Martin’s vision and knowledge of what to look for once again made the trip a fruitful one.