Dark Sky Discovery

Our Dark Sky Discovery events are based at the Battlesteads Observatory.  You can see the dates we're leading them on our website calendar or you can look at the observatory calendar for all available dates led by the Astroventures team.  If you'd like a bespoke stargazing/astronomy event please contact us on 01670 827465 for details of what we can do for you.

Visit Battlesteads Observatory and enjoy an introduction to galaxies and cosmology under the twinkling stars of Northumberland on the edge of the largest area of protected dark skies in Europe – the Northumberland International Dark Sky Park.

Only when you're away from the light pollution of big towns and cities can dark skies allow you to truly appreciate the cosmos.  We'll introduce you to the outer planets of our solar system as well as any comets that might be around.  Some of the most inspiring objects such as star clusters, nebulae and galaxies containing billions of suns are also seen clearly under dark skies and they never fail to amaze.

If you want your mind expanding, we'll take you on a journey from the big bang to present day, and discuss some simple aspects of cosmology.  We'll talk about how big space and the universe really is, what it's made of and help you understand things like dark energy, dark matter, multiverses and the expansion of the universe.

During the winter months the observatory warm room is kept cosy and with hot drinks available all year round; this simply is the best and most comfortable way to be introduced to the dark starry skies of Northumberland and the universe beyond. 

As of yet, we're unable to control the weather, so observing the skies can only go ahead if it's clear but you'll be pleased to know that all events go ahead in any weather conditions.


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