Autumn Colours

The autumn is a season that brings colour and light that inspire photographers to create arresting images that hold the attention.  With more than 40 years experience of shooting landscapes, in both the film and digital eras, Martin is an engaging tutor who will encourage you to look at and appreciate the scene in front of you, before assisting you with composition and camera setting choices.  Our workshops all take place on the stunning Northumberland coastline, with so many locations that you could spend a lifetime and still be discovering new viewpoints for your camera.

Our group photography workshops (£60/person) have a maximum of 4 participants, and include a 2hr follow-up session via Zoom to assist participants with editing/assessing their images from the workshop.

Bespoke workshops are also available (£130/person), with your own choice of subject (within reason...).  You'll have a 1hr pre-workshop Zoom call to discuss your equipment, and aims for the workshop, then a 2hr follow-up session via Zoom to assist you with editing/assessing your images from the workshop.  Please contact us on 01670 827465 for details of availability and subject options.